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Step 1 of 3 - Select Your Service Plan and Addresses

Service Plan - No long-term contract:

Basic - $14.95/mo - 50 pieces of mail received / 10 scanned

Professional - $24.95/mo - 150 pieces of mail received / 40 scanned

Premium - $49.95/mo - 400 pieces of mail received / 100 scanned

Addresses - Select one or more (info):

Grandville, MI - No Extra Cost

Los Angeles, CA - $14.95/mo Extra

Pompano Beach, FL - $9.95/mo Extra

Extra Features:

Dedicated Fax Number - $8.95/mo (info)

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Mailbox Features

Access Mail Online

Secure Mail Scanning

Forward Mail Anywhere

Shred and Recycle Mail

Easy Check Deposit

Toll-Free Fax Number

Real Street Addresses

Privacy and Security

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