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Privacy and Security

We understand that security is the most important consideration when choosing a mailbox service, especially one that will be opening and scanning your mail, and want to assure you that your mail is safe at our facility. Some of the steps that we take to protect your privacy and security include:

  • Private Mailbox - Keep your home address secure and confidential. We will never disclose a customer's name or contact details unless required by court subpoena. Your identity is secure with us.
  • Scan Security - First, mail is never scanned without your consent - if you are concerned about an especially sensitive piece of mail, you can simply have it forwarded to you unopened. When you do have mail scanned, however, it is not outside of its envelope for any longer than is necessary to complete the scan, and the entire scan area is under video surveillance. Once the scan is complete, the mail is returned to our secure storage area.
  • Employee Security - Our employees undergo a complete background check before they are hired, and we do our best to ensure that they are trustworthy individuals. Additionally, our entire warehouse, including the scanning and processing areas, are under constant 24/7 video surveillance. Non-employees are not allowed anywhere in our mail receiving, processing or storage areas unless accompanied at all times by an employee.
  • Shred Security - All mail that you request to be destroyed, whether sensitive or not, will be shredded on site before it is recycled. This eliminates the threat of both dumpster diving and mail theft, two of the largest identity theft risks. And since we shred all your unwanted mail, it would be hard for a potential identity thief to obtain even your name and box number off an envelope.
  • Storage Security - We keep track of each individual piece of mail by tagging it with a tracking barcode containing a unique 8-digit item number as soon as it is received. Mail is carefully filed and remains safely archived and trackable until you request that we scan, forward, or destroy it.
  • Account Security - Your online control panel is protected by a 256-bit SSL certificate from Verisign, the most trusted brand in internet security. When we scan an item, we don't email it to you, since email is open to more security vulnerabilities. Instead, log into your account to view the mail scan in a fully secure environment.
  • Company Reliability - Mailbox Forwarding, Inc. is a registered Michigan corporation, and has enrolled with the USPS as a CMRA (commercial mail receiving agency). We are based out of our secure mail processing facility in Grandville, MI, and work to serve the remote mail processing needs of many residential and commercial customers around the world. Feel free to verify our identity with Authorize.net (payment processing) or Verisign (encryption and website security):

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Privacy and Security

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